Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Buried Life: 82 dreams and counting

1) read the bible cover to cover 
2) walk where Jesus walked
3) send a personal thank you card to the teachers and mentors throughout my life (in progress) 
4) pay for the person behind me in a drive thru 
5) raise $10 000 to build a school 
6) go back to see Augustine in Kenya 
7) take a year for bible college
8) volunteer in India 
9) visit where my family roots begin 
10) learn to rap... Well 
11) have a day without shoes 
12) buy Starbucks for a stranger 
13) run a marathon 
14) have dinner for breakfast and breakfast for dinner 
15) go to all 50 states, 10 provinces, and 3 territories 
16) be a mentor for someone younger than me (complete) 
17) grow old with the man I love 
18) but a ticket on the next avaliable flight 
19) work for an NGO 
20) have a career that's my passion 
21) go on a trip as a missionary 
22) sleep under the stars 
23) run in an election 
24) go to a Hillsong Church (complete) 
25) go to the Olympics to watch 
26) watch all my siblings graduate 
27) get a university degree 
28) get a tattoo 
29) learn to cook curry 
30) be an extra in a movie 
31) plant a tree and watch it grow 
32) be a contestant on a game show 
33) be in the studio audience for Ellen 
34) create a time capsule 
35) visit all 7 continents 
36) spend Christmas in Disney World 
37) crowd surf 
38) set a world record (complete) 
39) take a selfie with a celebrity 
40) start a family 
41) spend a night in the underwater hotel in Dubai 
42) eat sushi in Japan 
43) set off fireworks 
44) be a tourist in my own city 
45) visit my sponsor child 
46) wear the colour pink (complete) 
47) get a new hair-do  
48) mud wrestle 
49) become the ideal person to marry 
50) play hide and seek in Ikea 
51) beat a Super Mario Bros game in one night 
52) play an entire game of monopoly 
53) be a regular at a coffee shop 
54) busk on a street corner 
55) solve a Rubik's cube 
56) watch Disney movies all day 
57) learn to drive standard 
58) have a pillow fight (complete) 
59) send a message in a bottle 
60) make and stick to a budget 
61) take the polar bear plunge 
62) ride a helicopter 
63) hold a koala 
64) fly on the Emirates Airline 
65) go on a cruise ship 
66) learn to play the violin 
67) live on less than $2 a day 
68) watch sunrise and sunset in the same day 
69) be a vegetarian for a week 
70) smile with the Statue of Liberty 
71) have a donut eating contest 
72) be in a flash mob 
73) give a giftcard just because 
74) go on an awesome adventure with my mom (complete) 
75) fill a book with my favourite parts of scripture (in progress) 
76) have Christmas in July 
77) see the Lion King on Broadway 
78) have a mean girls group costume 
79) get chocolate wasted 
80) jump in a lake with my clothes on 
81) sing at the top of my lungs in an open field (complete) 
82) raise my children to be global citizens 

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