Thursday, 5 June 2014

Show you care: Donate Glasses

So yesterday I picked up my new pair of glasses. It's been a few years since I've got new glasses, I would be completely lying if I said I wasn't excited to change it up a little bit. Ever since I was in grade 3 I've worn glasses, and now I can't express how grateful I am to live on a country where I can get glasses if I need them to see. I remember back in third grade being called down for a vision test (which by the way I completely flunked) and having to meet with my mother to break the news that I needed glasses. As an 8 year old kid this was devestating news and I bawled my eyes out in that teachers office as if someone told me I only had two weeks to live. The "crisis" of getting glasses was soon settled as I found my first pair of blue metal frames in which I wore for the rest of my elementary school experience. Those poor glasses though, I mangled them, broke them, smashed them, and taped them numerous times due to my careless recess behaviour. In middle school I decided I wanted to grow out of my first pair of metal frames and I chose some "grown up" middle school appropriate glasses. As a middle schooler trying to fit in I have to admit glasses weren't the coolest option, but I knew more than anyone else that if I didn't wear them I couldn't see anything. High school came and by now I had a collection of old frames that I had been through. Glasses started to become the in thing as I got into the higher grades, and I would try to match my glasses to my look of the day in order to stay up with the trends. After I grew out of a certain pair of glasses I would usually retire them to their case and throw them in a junk box. Yesterday as I yet again retired some more glasses that may never touch my face again I decided to look into some ways that someone less fortunate than me could make good use of my old glasses. Here in Winnipeg as well as all over Canada you can donate your glasses to be sent to kids and adults overseas that may never be able to afford their own pair of glasses. So think back to all those old glasses you have grown out of, and think about how much use they are getting sitting in a box at home. Wouldn't be amazing if you could give someone the gift of sight by donating your old glasses? For me glasses are one of the biggest blessings in my life with them I can see the world around me clear as a bell, without them I am basically useless as the world is literally a huge blur. Think about it, one simple action of giving away something that you don't even use anymore could change the life of someone overseas, just like glasses changed my life. 

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